Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?
You do not need to bring anything. We have robes towels and slippers provided in the locker rooms.
Do I need a swimsuit?
Swimsuits are optional, but most people float nude. The individual rooms are private.
What if my hair is dyed?
If your hair has been dyed in the last 48 hours, then you should wait. If you have a wash out or temporary color in your hair, you should not float or use a swim cap, but please be aware that if your hair color damages the pod or the water, you will be responsible for the damage.
Should I avoid eating before?
You should not eat a large meal just before floating but you should not be starving either.
Should I avoid alcohol before?
You should not float if you are buzzed or drunk. You will feel like you are spinning and would most likely feel nauseous. The epsom salt pulls toxins from your body so the effects of alcohol toxins are amplified.
Should I avoid caffeine before floating?
You should not drink a lot of caffeine just before floating. This is a relaxing experience that is very still and quiet so extra energy is not required. You would not want to feel jittery in the pod.
Can I float Pregnant?
Yes, as long as you are healthy and do not have any restrictions from your doctor. Many pregnant women find that there are many benefits to floating while pregnant and the feeling of weightlessness is a welcome relief from the pressure of carrying a baby. If you have any questions as to whether it would be ok, please consult your doctor beforehand.
What if I am menstruating?
Follow the same procedure you would if you were going to a pool or hot tub.
How old do you have to be?
We do not have a specific age limit, however, if you are under 18 we require a legal guardian’s signature on the waiver. We have had people float with age ranges of 9- 85, and have seen benefits for everyone from the anxious adolescent, high school football players and track stars to people with back injuries and insomnia. It really depends on the person and what they are looking to benefit from more so than the age.
I’m claustrophobic; can I keep the lid open?
Yes, we have had many claustrophobic people float and you can definitely keep the lid open or partially open. Some have found that closing the lid was fine as well and that the pod is more spacious than they had anticipated. You also have the option to keep the lights and meditation music on for the whole session and we have an intercom inside in case you need to reach the front desk. Many have found that floating helps their claustrophobia and anxiety.
How warm is the water?
The water is kept at 93.5 degrees fahrenheit, which is skin temperature. You are supposed to feel a sense of nothingness in the pod, so that your body can relax and your mind can focus elsewhere.
How are the pods cleaned?
The pods are filtered in between each session at least 3 times. There is also a UV light inside that kills any bacteria. We follow a strict sanitation schedule daily and add fresh water and epsom salt every day. We also have a deep clean every Monday where we change filters, scrub, sanitize, and make sure everything is in tip top order.
How long is the session?
60 Minutes.
Can I get out before the session ends?
Yes, you can get out whenever you feel like.
Can I book, 90 minutes, or a double session?
Yes, depending on availability. Please call to reserve.
Can I keep the lights and music on?
Yes, you will be able to control whether or not you keep the lights and/ or music on during your session and when they get turned off.
How do I know the session has ended?
The water will start circulating and if you have turned the lights and music off, they will turn back on. What if I fall asleep? If you have fallen asleep, and have not noticed that your session has ended, then you will be gently reminded through the intercom that your session has ended about 5- 10 minutes after it has ended.
This will be my first time there, should I arrive early?
Please arrive about 5 minutes early to fill out and sign the waiver and to take care of payment.
Do you take same day or walk-in appointments?
Yes, depending on availability.
Can you explain the process?
You will start in our locker room. We have robes, towels, and slippers provided in the lockers. You will shower before hand with soap and shampoo only. No lotions or conditioners and then we will show you to your room and explain the process. You will float for 60 minutes in a pod filled with water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt. Afterwards, you can shower with whatever you like and proceed with your day.
What to expect afterwards?
Many people notice the effects immediately afterwards, especially if they had turned off the lights and music. If you go for full sensory deprivation, then you should notice that your senses will be enhanced for at least the next few hours after floating. Lights will seem brighter, sounds will seem louder, and sensations will seem more pronounced. You will also notice a relaxation of your muscles as well as a decrease in anxiety over the course of the couple days afterwards. Each time you float, especially if you float more often, you should notice an increase in the effects.
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