Float Pricing

Floating Sessions and Float Packages

  • Single Session
  • Happy Hour (Tues-Thurs 10-4pm)
  • Intro 3 Pack
  • Full 3 Pack

Float Memberships

Monthly Memberships

  • 1 Float per Month
  • 2 Floats per Month
  • 4 Floats per Month
  • 8 Floats per Month

Sauna Session

Relaxation and Stress Reduction

  • 1-2 People
  • Free Before a Float for Members

Cryo Pricing

Whole Body Session 3 Minutes and Cryo Packages

Cryo Memberships

Monthly Memberships and Optional Extras

Float and Cryo Combo Session

Floating and Whole Body Cryo Sessions

Float and Cryo Membership

Monthly Memberships and Optional Extras

Cryo + Sauna + Float Intro Session

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